“If the five members of Arashi were to take part in a relay, in what order would they run?”
  • Sho: Aiba-kun would be the anchor, right?
  • Aiba: Is that okay? Thank you very much!
  • Nino: Then, Sho-san will go first. Because Sho-san is a fast runner. (laughs)
  • Aiba: For Sho-san, if a penalty game is at stake, he’s really fast.
  • Nino: If the penalty game were skydiving he is definitely fast. (laughs)
  • Jun: He really hates it, doesn’t he~ (laughs)
  • Aiba: Well, Sho-san will go first. He will do us the honor of having the starting dash.
  • Nino: Then Ohno-san, a thousand apologies but would you do us the honor of being the coach?
  • Ohno: Hmmm, that’s okay. I’m slow at running after all.
  • Jun: Is Leader slow at running?
  • Ohno: Aren’t Nino and I about the same?
  • Nino: Are we the same~
  • Sho: Okay, then the third runner will be Nino, and the second runner will be Matsujun, I guess? Matsujun runs at the speed of “light”, doesn’t he?
  • Jun: Around that of “au HIKARI”. (laughs)
  • Aiba: We’re aiming for gold!
  • [The Television Arashi December 2011 - Secret Talk! (c)barbosa2007@lj]

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